We helped Horizon hit a home run for asthma awareness.

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey wanted to put a special spotlight on one of their new initiatives: BEAM (Breathe Easier with Asthma Management), which focuses on raising awareness about asthma and educating youth and their parents about how best to manage it. But, they also wanted to be budget-conscious in doing so.

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Illustrating the power to choose.

When we first met our petroleum additive-making friends at IPAC, operating in Dublin California, they wanted to take a stand among the giants in the industry as the smaller supplier who listened to their customers and offered custom solutions. We responded with an ad lineup of caped kids who were ready to perform and built to protect.

Fast forward five years, and it was time for a new look.

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Advertising 101: Heart and Soul

We do believe, heart and soul that the passion we have for our work and the relationship we build with our clients gives us an edge. If you talked to our clients, we believe they... Read The Rest →

Advertising 101: Creative Blend


A perfect blend of your marketing needs and our creativity could be the right blend in making your project even sweeter. Sit back, take a few sips and let us jolt your marketing/advertising plan. Give... Read The Rest →

Advertising 101: Brand Polish

Brand Polish

It’s your brand. It’s more than just your image – it’s everything your company stands for, including the experience and perception of your customers. We’ll review your brand from the soles up and tell you... Read The Rest →

What’s your “Perfect” campaign?

Farbest Perfect Campaign

Sometimes the “Perfect” ideas are developed from a smaller project. That was the case when we helped Farbest Brands, a food ingredient supplier, spruce up their trade booth graphics and build on a visual brand... Read The Rest →

How do you build a ship in a bottle?

Sometimes the best visuals are created using Photoshop to combine several stock images into one compelling image that tells the story and keep the project on budget. At Becker Guerry we enjoy a challenge and... Read The Rest →

In a world of what ifs…

Munzing, the world’s oldest chemical company, came to us because they needed an ad that illustrated to their audience the benefits of working with them.

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