We helped Horizon hit a home run for asthma awareness.

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey wanted to put a special spotlight on one of their new initiatives: BEAM (Breathe Easier with Asthma Management), which focuses on raising awareness about asthma and educating youth and their parents about how best to manage it. But, they also wanted to be budget-conscious in doing so.

We started by developing an “airy” new logo to give the BEAM program a brand identity. The logo was used on the website and all promotional materials, including t-shirts and printed pieces.

Next we were asked to create a short, engaging video that didn’t break the bank. We recommended an ad-like approach as opposed to a corporate feel that might lose the audience. We filmed real BEAM program kids at area Boys & Girls Clubs (the partnering organization for this initiative), and produced this video commercial despite challenging April showers on budget and on time.

The result was aired to large audiences at four minor league baseball games in New Jersey stadiums – and it was a home run.

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