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We helped Horizon hit a home run for asthma awareness.

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey wanted to put a special spotlight on one of their new initiatives: BEAM (Breathe Easier with Asthma Management), which focuses on raising awareness about asthma and educating youth and their parents about how best to manage it. But, they also wanted to be budget-conscious in doing so.

We started by developing an “airy” new logo to give the BEAM program a brand identity. The logo was used on the website and all promotional materials, including t-shirts and printed pieces.

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Illustrating the power to choose.

When we first met our petroleum additive-making friends at IPAC, operating in Dublin California, they wanted to take a stand among the giants in the industry as the smaller supplier who listened to their customers and offered custom solutions. We responded with an ad lineup of caped kids who were ready to perform and built to protect.

Fast forward five years, and it was time for a new look. Our small but powerful heroes evolved into a new kind of “powerful,” – illustrating the power to choose.

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Don’t let your brand hold you back.

It’s not always easy to admit when your logo might be the thing holding you back, but that’s just what happened with Farbest.

This premier food and nutrition ingredient supplier wanted to freshen up its look with a new website and trade booth design for the upcoming year, but the new designs being developed looked dated because of the old logo. So we had to break it to them gently.

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A website that puts education at the forefront

We help Maquet, a leading healthcare innovator, promote their therapeutic technologies on many fronts. But recently they had an unusual request: a new website that was purely educational, not product-focused.

Maquet makes many products used in cardiac surgery, but this time they wanted to raise awareness about a specific type of surgery: off-pump bypass surgery. When a heart-lung bypass machine is used in traditional open heart surgery, the patient’s heart is actually stopped as the surgeon performs the procedure. But surgeons also have the ability to perform surgery on a beating heart, known as off-pump bypass surgery. Maquet wanted to convey the benefits of this type of surgery for clinicians and the public alike.

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Five months of work – completed in six weeks!

When Becker Guerry was awarded the project to provide comprehensive branding for Horizon Connect, a new retail store for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, to be completed in time for their grand opening just 6 weeks away, we were up for the challenge. Our mission was to develop a theme, extensive live action/animation video content, interactive content and literature – all requiring a variety of creative talents under a very tight deadline.

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